Vienna to prague high speed train? (2023)

Is there a high-speed train from Prague to Vienna?

​Is there a direct train from Prague to Vienna? Yes, the high-speed train runs from Prague to Vienna with 11 departures every day. Hence, this is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways of travel.

How long is the high-speed train from Vienna to Prague?

The average train time from Vienna to Prague is 4h 40m, although it takes just 4h 3m on the fastest high-speed Railjet services. There are around 22 trains per day running from Vienna to Prague, the first train leaves Vienna Hbf at 05:23 and the last train leaves at 22:10.

Is the train from Vienna to Prague Scenic?

Plus the Prague to Vienna train route is very scenic and passes picturesque regions of the Czech Republic and Austria. You can find out more about the route below.

What is the best high-speed train from Prague to Vienna?

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Prague to Vienna is by taking the EuroCity train. This modern and luxurious train will get you to your destination in 4 hours and 25 minutes. It departs 8 times per day.

Can you do a day trip from Vienna to Prague?

Enjoy a full-day trip from Vienna to picturesque Prague city in Czech Republic. Explore the city with a local expert guide and discover highlights like Prague Castle, Charles Bridge or St. Vitus Cathedral. Enjoy suitable transport with pick-up and drop off service.

How many days do you need to see Prague?

How many days do you need to visit Prague? 3 days is the ideal amount of time to spend in Prague. It's just enough time to explore all of the city's main sights and attractions, without feeling rushed. Plus, with three days in Prague, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the city's food, pubs, and nightlife scene!

How many days do you need in Vienna?

If you are wondering how many days in Vienna you need, three days is adequate to see the whole city. Three days in Vienna will allow you to get to the top attractions at a reasonable pace and maybe give you a chance to soak in some of the many cultural activities like visiting Vienna's Museums.

Is Munich to Prague train scenic?

There's no denying that Germany and the Czech Republic are very picturesque countries, thus, it's no surprise that the Munich - Prague train route promises some of the most amazing views!

Is the train ride from Prague to Budapest Scenic?

The most picturesque way to travel from Prague to Budapest is definitely on the train. Along the way, you'll see beautiful rolling hills, views of the Visegrád castle, and peeks of the Danube river and the North Hungarian Mountains in the background, as the train rolls alongside them.

What is the best month to go to Prague?

May and September are the best months to visit Prague. The weather is pleasant and there are fewer crowds than in summer. However, if you're looking for cheaper accommodation prices, consider visiting in the winter.

Do you need Covid test to get into Prague?

Entry and Exit Requirements

Travelers to the Czech Republic are no longer required to complete a Passenger Locator Form, provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or prior infection, etc.

Does the Orient Express go to Vienna?

A journey onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is a truly remarkable experience and the journey to Vienna is peppered with some beautiful scenery along the way.

What is the best high-speed train in Europe?

High-speed trains in Europe can reach speeds of up to 198 mph (320 km/h). Some of the fastest trains in Europe travelling at these speeds include AVE, TGV and Frecciarossa 1000.

Which high-speed train connects all of Austria?

Railjet routes

Railjet trains run throughout Austria and international routes link major Austrian cities with Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic), Munich (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland).

Does the Orient Express go to Austria?

A return journey from London to Vienna with 2 nights at leisure. A journey of a lifetime from London to Vienna and back onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express luxury train. Spend two nights onboard in total as well as two nights at leisure in the beautiful city of Vienna.

Is there a dress code on the Orient Express?

For dinner, we ask for formal evening attire and many guests like to don black tie and wear their most glamorous finery for the occasion. Smart daywear is appropriate during the day. At lunch, for example, a jacket/tie or equivalent is suitable. Jeans are not acceptable at any time.

What is the most scenic Orient Express route?

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Look outside and you'll be treated to views of leafy vineyards, the dramatic Swiss Alps and the sparkling Venice Lagoon.

How much is the Orient Express per person?

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express prices start from £2,920/$3,600/€3,450 per person for a Twin Cabin, and £8,400/$10,350/€9,800 per person for a Grand Suite.


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