Is there a Apple Home like Google Home? (2023)

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Is there a Apple home like Google Home?

HomeKit is the premier smart home platform from Apple and again, allows you to control your home with a simple tap of your fingers. One of the major benefits of HomeKit is that you can access and control it via Siri on all of your existing Apple devices, including your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

Is Apple HomePod better than Google Home?

Our Verdict

The Apple HomePod is a better voice assistant speaker than the Google Nest Audio. The Apple speaker has a better-balanced default sound profile and a better soundstage. Its latency over a Wi-Fi connection is lower, so it's more suitable for watching videos.

What home assistant works best with Apple?

Apple HomeKit: the details

iPhone or Mac users will already be familiar with Apple's resident smart assistant - Siri - and the company's HomeKit range could be the best choice for those who want their smart home to work seamlessly with their other Apple products.

What is the Google equivalent to HomePod?

The Google Home Max and the Apple HomePod are two speakers with a voice assistant built-in, and you may prefer one over the other. While both speakers have a similarly balanced sound profile, the Google speaker has a companion app that lets you EQ its bass and treble and comes with Google Assistant built-in.

Does Apple have a smart home system?

The Home app can do even more with the help of your HomePod, HomePod mini, or Apple TV. Each one can be set up as a smart home hub, giving you access to your home while you're away and letting you automate all of your home's smart accessories.

Does Apple have an assistant like Google?

On Android, Assistant has deep, OS-level hooks that make it more more accessible and functional. But on iOS, things are a little tougher. Siri: On Apple's hardware, Siri still has a massive home court advantage when it comes to actually starting the digital assistant.

Why is HomePod being discontinued?

4 years ago, in 2018 Apple released the first-ever HomePod. Apple promised its users that it would “reinvent music in our homes.” However, Apple would soon realise that the demand for the Home was so low that it would have to stop selling it.

Why are they discontinuing HomePod?

Lackluster sales

The HomePod was Apple's competitor for the Amazon Echo and Google Nest smart speakers. However, it seems that it didn't quite see the kind of success it should have. And so the reason for its discontinuation could be a lack of sales.

Is Apple HomePod worth buying?

Yes, if you're an iPhone user who takes music seriously.

The second generation HomePod delivers excellent sound and features to make any Apple fan happy.

Is there an Apple Home assistant?

The ios integration is used by the Home Assistant Companion App for iOS to store and provide settings for actionable notifications and actions. Both of these can also be configured for a single device within the app, in which case the ios integration is not required.

What are the disadvantages of HomeKit?

It usually doesn't work without the manufacturer app.

On the one hand, firmware updates (which, if available, are usually really important) can only be installed via the manufacturer app. Secondly, many useful functions of HomeKit devices cannot be set at all via the Home app or do not work.

Is HomePod mini better than Google?

The Apple HomePod mini is a better choice for music and videos than the Google Nest Mini, as its default sound profile is better balanced with a more extended low-bass, and it has a better soundstage performance. That said, the Google offers bass and treble adjustments so you can customize its sound to your liking.

What is replacing the Apple HomePod?

The HomePod Mini, Apple's new prized smart speaker, is the most obvious replacement for the original HomePod for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it runs on the same smart system via Siri and, in that regard, seamlessly steps into its larger sibling's place.

What is Google's version of Siri?

Google Assistant is available on Android phones, with all recent models offering the AI system. Even devices that offer another AI system, like Samsung's Bixby, also offer Google Assistant.

What is Apple's smart home platform?

HomeKit is Apple's smart home platform, which is designed to let you control various internet-connected home devices -- ranging from thermostats and plugs to window blinds, light bulbs, and more -- with Apple devices.

What is the point of Apple Home?

The Home app lets you easily navigate and control your accessories. In the Home app, tap Home at the bottom of the screen to show the following sections. Categories: Tap a category such as Lights, Security, Climate, Speakers, or Water to show all related accessories on one screen, organized by room.

Is Apple making a smart hub?

Apple is planning to make the iPad a more central fixture in the home, by turning it into a smart home hub and speaker that could live on a kitchen counter. Apple's HomeKit platform relies on devices like iPads, the Apple TV, and the HomePod mini to function.

Who is better than Siri or Google Assistant?

It's great being able to compose messages accurately with your voice too. However, Google Assistant is generally a little smarter than Siri. Baked into more third-party devices and able to understand the whole family a bit clearer, it works better as a smart home voice assistant than Siri.

Who is better Alexa Siri or Google Assistant?

Google Assistant-enabled gadgets are the smartest option. Alexa-enabled devices offer the widest range of support for third-party software and services. Siri, found only on Apple products, will provide you with the best laughs.

Will there be a new HomePod in 2022?

New HomePod: Release date

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted in May 2022 that Apple's working on a new HomePod for later this year or early in 2023. However, that HomePod arrived and had no screen. See: HomePod vs HomePod mini to see how the two models compare.

Is Apple bringing back HomePod?

Resurrection of Full-Sized HomePod

For 2023, Apple is expected to launch an updated version of the full-sized HomePod it discontinued to fill the current gap in the HomePod lineup.

Was the HomePod a failure?

It is not so often that we see one of Apple's products fail and become discontinued within a few years of its launch, but the HomePod was a prime example of this as it was released back in 2017 and discontinued a measly 4 years later in 2021.

Is Apple HomePod mini worth it?

It sure has: the HomePod Mini outperforms its size and price like no other smart speaker you can buy. Launched at £99 / $99 / AU$149, it's also one of the cheapest products that Apple has ever produced, which makes it all the more appealing.

Does Apple have smart speaker?

HomePod is packed with Apple innovations, Siri intelligence, and smart home capabilities, while delivering a truly groundbreaking listening experience. CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Apple today announced HomePod (2nd generation), a powerful smart speaker that delivers next-level acoustics in a gorgeous, iconic design.

Is Apple releasing a new HomePod mini?

Apple's smaller version of the HomePod, priced at $99.

HomePod mini is a smaller, more affordable version of the original HomePod that has similar features but in a cheaper package. New blue, orange, and yellow color options were released in November 2021.

Is Apple HomePod as good as Alexa?

The Apple HomePod and the Amazon Echo Gen 4 are both excellent speakers for voice assistants, but the Apple is more versatile overall. Out-of-the-box, the Apple has a more balanced sound profile, and it has a better soundstage. It supports Apple AirPlay, while the Amazon speaker supports Bluetooth.

Is the HomePod always listening?

Apple's HomePod and HomePod Mini smart speakers are always listening, waiting for your “Hey Siri” command so that it can quickly follow orders to get things done.

Is there a Siri Home Assistant?

With iOS 13 or later and the Home Assistant Companion App, you can take advantage of the power of Siri Shortcuts to carry out Home Assistant tasks with a tap or by using voice commands.

Is Home Assistant better than HomeKit?

Still, Google Assistant has a wide range of capabilities and works well with Apple's Watch. But, it's not the only advantage of Home Assistant over HomeKit. Both platforms have different strengths. Home Assistant supports nearly everything, while HomeKit only supports those devices with a known communication protocol.

What is the limit for HomeKit?

Note: Apple HomeKit limit is maximum 150 devices or scenes. Enable only the devices you plan to control with voice and keep the device number under 150.

What is the difference between Apple HomeKit and Apple home?

There are two elements to Apple HomeKit: HomeKit itself is a standard – a background software technology that devices need to comply with to get access to the club. Then Apple Home is its user-facing counterpart, an iOS app you'll find on iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

What is a negative impact of smart homes?

Smart homes are equipped with technology that allows them to communicate with smart devices and give the homeowner more control over their environment. Smart homes are energy-efficient, customisable, and convenient; however, they have downsides like high cost and internet dependence.

Can I use an old iPad as a HomeKit hub?

Set up iPad as a home hub

Tap Settings > [your name] and make sure that you're signed in to iCloud with the Apple ID that you used to set up your HomeKit and Matter accessories in the Home app. Tap iCloud, then scroll down and check that Home is turned on under Apps Using iCloud.

Which is the most advanced AI assistant?

Google Assistant

Out of all of the AI assistants on the market, Google Assistant is considered one of the most advanced. Thanks to various partnerships with several companies, the AI assistant is now available on many devices like smartphones, headphones, home appliances, and cars.

Why is Google Assistant No Longer?

Troubleshoot Android phones & tablets

If your Google Assistant doesn't work or respond to “Hey Google” on your Android device, make sure Google Assistant, Hey Google and Voice Match are turned on: On your Android phone or tablet, go to Assistant settings, or open the Google Assistant app. and say, “Assistant settings.”

Can you say hey Google on iPhone?

Talk. Choose an option: Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" Tap Speak.

What is the Apple version of Google nest?

The Google Nest Mini and the Apple HomePod Mini are both smaller (and cheaper) iterations of their counterparts: the Google Nest Audio and Apple HomePod. Both are smart speakers you can use to control your smart home with voice commands. The Nest Mini uses Google Assistant, and the HomePod Mini uses Siri.

Can HomePod and Google home work together?

The Apple HomePod and HomePod Mini work in a slightly different way to the Amazon and Google speakers. They'll only work properly with other Apple devices, for example—you can't control HomePods from an Android phone. Windows can send audio to a HomePod via AirPlay, but your options are limited.

Is HomePod mini enough for room?

The HomePod mini is discreet enough to fit into pretty much any room, and small enough that it won't dominate even a small room.

What's the Apple equivalent of Google Nest?

HomePod mini - Apple (AU)

Why did Apple remove the home?

The screen is bigger and can show more information. And the gestures that replaced the home button have turned out to be much better for actually using Apple's software, letting users fly around the OS and between apps in a way that the punctuated pauses of the button presses never allowed.

Is HomeKit worth it?

HomeKit support is worth it if you're a committed iPhone user, if Siri is your go-to digital assistant, and if you place a priority on your privacy. Otherwise, you can save a bit of cash by choosing a competing platform like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

What does Apple Home Hub do?

You need a home hub to control your HomeKit and Matter accessories while you're away from home, share control of your accessories with others, and automate your accessories to do what you want, when you want. You must set up a home hub to add Matter accessories to the Home app.


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