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USB Not Working In Car and how to fix - Cars | How To (1)

USB Not Working In Car: Sometimes, a simple fix is all you need.

Check if you have the latest software version installed

The first thing to do is check if you have the latest software version installed. If not, then update it.

To check if your phone is updated:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap System Updates and then tap Download Updates Manually..

Restart your phone

If this doesn’t work, you may need to restart your phone. First, make sure that the USB cable is connected properly to your device and then connect it to a USB port in your car. If this still doesn’t work, don’t give up! Try our other fixes for when USB ports aren’t working on cars:

  • Make sure that the USB cable isn’t damaged or loose. It should stay connected firmly when plugged in correctly. If it feels loose, try another port on your car’s dashboard or under seat (if there is one).
  • Restarting your mobile device can fix many issues related to connectivity with other devices such as printers or smartphones/tablets via Wi-Fi networks (for example). This can also help fix problems with Bluetooth connections between two devices such as headsets used by drivers while driving their cars around town; if these get disconnected often enough due to lost signals between these two devices then try restarting each piece first before moving onto something else like restarting both pieces together at once instead of separately starting off with just one side being rebooted first such as only turning off then back on again without changing anything else about how either one works internally before trying again later after waiting some time between them both being shut down completely where possible – do not worry though because if nothing else works then try doing this last step which will hopefully resolve whatever issue was preventing communication between them both before now anyways!

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Hold the USB socket in the port firmly

If the problem is with your USB port, then this fix should help.

Make sure you have the USB socket in the port firmly.

Check if the USB cable is connected properly to your device

Check that the USB cable is connected properly to your device. If you’re using a charging cable, make sure it’s plugged into a wall outlet or power bank, and also ensure that your smartphone is connected via USB to the appropriate port in your car. Disconnect and reconnect both ends of the cable, as this could resolve any intermittent connectivity issues. Confirm that there aren’t any kinks or bends in either end of the cord—this can cause damage over time, so keep an eye on how straightened everything is at all times! If you’re using an auxiliary cable for music playback and streaming purposes, make sure it’s connected firmly so as not to cause any jostling during driving (however unlikely). Additionally, do not use too short or too long cables; if yours are either one inch shorter than necessary or five inches longer than ideal length limits set by manufacturers’ recommendations then they may not perform optimally while in use with certain gadgets like cell phones because they won’t transfer enough power between devices quickly enough–which means slower charge speeds or even no charge at all!

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Try another USB cable or a different USB port in your car

If you’re having problems with your USB port, try using a different USB cable. Although the cables might look similar, there are subtle differences between them that could cause your connection to fail.

If your device’s other ports all work fine, it’s likely that the port itself is broken and needs to be replaced by a professional. You can usually find someone who can do this in most electronics stores.

Sometimes, a simple fix is all you need.

Sometimes, a simple fix is all you need. Here are some things to check after you’ve plugged in your phone and nothing happens:

  • Check the USB port is working. Make sure that the USB port on your car’s stereo system works by plugging in another device using a different cable. If it doesn’t work, contact your car dealer or mechanic to have it replaced.
  • Check the USB cable is connected properly. Make sure that any cables connecting your phone to the vehicle are securely connected at both ends (iPhones and Android phones use different connectors).
  • Check the USB cable is not damaged or frayed at either end—if so, it could be causing issues with connection quality between devices or even short-circuiting something internally within your electronics equipment if left unchecked long enough (which would stop everything from working!).

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Wires connection

Confirm that the USB is connected to your car and to your device. If you’re using a standard USB cable, make sure it’s properly plugged into both ends—the one for your phone and the one for your cigarette lighter. If you’re using a micro-USB cable, make sure it’s attached securely and isn’t broken.

Check that none of the wires are damaged or frayed, as this could cause problems with data transfer and charging speeds. Another reason why this might happen is if there’s dust or grease on either end of the wire connections, so check everything carefully before assuming something has been damaged beyond repair.

Bad fuses

Check the fuses in the car. Most cars have several fuse boxes, and it may be necessary to check all of them.

Check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this. In some vehicles, you can open up a panel to reveal where all of the fuses are located and what kind of fuse is used for each component of your vehicle. If you don’t have an owner’s manual or if opening panels is too scary for you, then go online and search “how to check fuses” followed by your make/model of car (there are many articles out there with step-by-step instructions).

If there are bad fuses, replace them with good ones from an auto parts store or even Radio Shack if necessary—just make sure that they’re compatible with your vehicle!

Lower car voltage

If the car voltage is too low, it could be that your USB ports are not working. You can check if your phone is charging by turning it on and checking the battery icon in the top right corner of your screen. If there’s a lightning bolt symbol next to it, then your phone is charging. If there isn’t, then you may want to check whether or not the car’s charging cable is plugged in properly and whether or not it has adequate voltage flowing through it before trying another method of getting access to power.

If all looks good with those two things checked off on either end of the equation (cable quality/connection issues aside), then we recommend trying another USB port on your car’s dashboard so as not waste time troubleshooting if there’s an issue with that particular port itself rather than something else entirely causing problems like faulty wiring inside your vehicle’s fuse box or elsewhere along this path where electricity runs between source points such as batteries and adapters (which themselves could also be malfunctioning).

Bad USB port

The most common reason for USB not working in cars is a bad USB port. While you can use most USB cables with any computer, the same isn’t true for your car. Different cars have different kinds of ports and connectors, so it’s important to check with your vehicle manufacturer before buying a new one.

Some of the most common places for USB ports are on the front and back console areas, but they may also be located beneath seats or inside glove boxes and center consoles. If you suspect that your device won’t work because of a faulty port or cable, try swapping cables first and then checking out other possible causes listed below:

  • Damage from water/moisture – This is likely only an issue if you’ve recently been caught in rain while using your device in the car or if there are other signs of wetness around the power source (such as mold). If possible, avoid using electronics near sources of moisture!
  • Heat damage – Computers don’t function well at high temperatures (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit), which means they could potentially overheat if placed too close to heat sources like air vents or sun-roofs during summer months when cars tend to get warmer inside due to closed windows/sunroofs combined with direct sunlight coming through windows/roofs onto dashboard surfaces where computers sit underneath these openings due to lack space between dashboard surface area compared versus how much room exists between dashboard surface area vs open interior space on passenger side door beside seat closest window where person sits during winter months when cars tend colder inside.

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Compatibility of device and format of audio file.

If the device is not compatible with the car, it will not work. You can check that by looking up which audio file formats are supported by your car’s USB port.

There are five common reasons for the USB not working in a car.

There are five common reasons for the USB not working in a car.

  • The wires connection: If the wire is loose it can cause problems with the device not working.
  • Bad fuses: You may need to check your fuse box and make sure that all of them are working properly, if they aren’t then you will need to replace them with new ones.
  • Lower car voltage: This is something that happens when you have a newer car, as newer cars have lower voltages than older models so this could be one of the main causes why your USB won’t work properly in your vehicle!


If you’re having trouble connecting your smartphone to your car, try these tips. If none of them work, then it might be time for a new cable or a different port in your vehicle.

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